adidas Adipower Lite Padel Lime

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The ideal for every padel player is to enjoy maximum power without sacrificing comfort, a perfect balance ensured by Adipower Lite, the racket designed for advanced level players that ensures precise attack strokes.

  • Shape: diamond 
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 360-375 gr
  • Balance: 285 mm
  • Frame: carbon
  • Surface: fiberglass
  • Core: EVA
  • Finish: rough
  • Protection tape incorporated in the upper part of the shovel head to protect it from impacts against the walls and the floor
  • Player level: professional
  • Wrist strap
  • The racket comes with a bag
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adidas Adipower Lite Padel - Lime
adidas Adipower Lite Padel - Lime


Adidas Power Embossedadidas Power Embossed
The exclusive diamond geometry racketdesign generates more smashing power and the frame’s outer ribs provide the structure with rigidity and strength.  
Adidas Structural Reinforcentadidas Structural Reinforcent
It has reinforced perimeter all around the racket to help generate more torsional resistance.
Adidas Smart Holes Curveadidas Smart Holes Curve
The hole pattern is specially designed to make racket handling easier, for greater playing comfort.
Adidas Spin Bladeadidas Spin Blade
The 3D relief increases hitting effectiveness. The pattern is etched on the mould to provide greater density and to increase efficiency.
adidas Dual eXoskeletonDual eXoskeleton
Technology that increases the power in hits thanks to its structural rigidity.
adidas Sweet Spot TopSweet Spot Top
The reduced Sweet Spot, positioned towards the head of the racket, requires greater precision in the impact with the ball.
adidas EVA Soft PerformanceEVA Soft Performance
The EVA rubber in the core, soft and elastic, gives the player an incredible feeling of comfort during the impact phase with the ball without sacrificing maximum power.

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