Dunlop Rocket Green Padel Black/Green

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Dunlop Rocket Green is the ideal padel racket for beginners and casual players with a round head and a large sweet spot that guarantees extra control and effectiveness even in the most off-center shots.

  • Shape: round
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 360-375 gr
  • Balance: medium
  • Frame: graphite
  • Surface: fiberglass
  • Core: EVA
  • Finish: rough
  • Wrist strap
  • Player level: beginner
  • The racket does not have a cover
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Dunlop Rocket Green Padel - Black/Green


Dunlop Pro TouchPro Touch
A medium-intensity EVA rubber material joins a three-layer fabric in the core and Dunlop's exclusive resin system for greater power, control and comfort.
Dunlop Parallel HolesParallel Holes
The distribution of standard holes helps novice and intermediate players to play more consistently during the learning phase.
Dunlop Graphite FrameGraphite Frame
Frame construction using graphite for a superior structural strength and improved performance in all shots.

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