Head Flash Padel Woman Black/Pink

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Head Flash è la racchetta da padel per donna, leggera e maneggevole, perfetta per le giocatrici intermedie e occasionali alla ricerca della massima potenza.

  • Forma: lacrima
  • Spessore: 38 mm
  • Peso: 360 gr
  • Bilanciamento: 265 mm
  • Telaio: carbonio
  • Superficie: carbonio
  • Nucleo: schiuma
  • Finitura: liscia
  • Cinturino da polso
  • Livello giocatore: principiante e intermedio
  • La racchetta non è dotata di fodero
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Innegra is today the world's lightest fiber. Its extreme solidity combined with HEAD Advanced Carbon technology has enabled the creation of a new high performance structure. This new composite structure HEAD Innegra is integrated in the frame to reduce vibrations on impact and increase stability. the vibrations, in fact, are reduced 17% in order to assure maximum control and precision. Additionally, the frame maintains its original structure for a longer period of time, wihtout losing any if its characteristics, increasing, in a big way, the performance of the racquet.
Head Tailored TubeTailored Tube
Tubular construction of the heart of the racket that offers greater flexibility and feeling.
Head Integrated ProtectorIntegrated Protector
The integrated head cover consists of a special carbon protection that protects the padel from wear and scratches for a longer duration.
Head Power FramePower Frame
The frame of this model is constructed to create more power.
Head Power FoamPower Foam
Foam with a great reaction capacity that will allow you to obtain maximum power.

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