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Discover the Babolat Collection for Juan Lebrón

The collection

The Racket collection

The Babolat collection dedicated to Juan Lebrón boasts padel rackets that are true works of technological art, designed for players who don't settle for less than the best.

The Technical Viper Juan Lebrón 2024 is the jewel in the crown, a diamond-shaped racket with a high balance that promises explosive power and maximum spin, thanks to its carbon construction and rough surface. Every shot becomes a statement of precision and power, with the iconic image of the wolf staring straight at you from the tool.

For attacking players looking for a unique combination of dynamism and control, the Technical Veron Juan Lebrón offers an explosive blend of carbon and fiberglass, ensuring powerful yet controlled shots, with the added benefit of vibration absorption thanks to VIBRABSORB SYSTEM². This racket not only improves performance but also protects the player from frequent injuries.


Finally, the Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón stands out for its lightness and easy handling, ideal for those looking for comfort without sacrificing power. The fiberglass surface and reduced weight make every game less tiring and more enjoyable, allowing you to play for longer while maintaining a high level of performance.


Babolat Juan Lebrón collection apparel is designed for comfort, style and performance. From breathable jerseys to lightweight shorts, each piece is designed to help you stay cool and mobile during your most intense matches. The design is inspired by Lebron's unique style, with details that capture the essence of his nickname "El Lobo", ensuring that you can stand out on the pitch not only with your skills but also with your look.