Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow W Padel Green/Yellow

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  • Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S Padel - Green/Yellow
  • Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow W Padel - Green/Yellow
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Designed for pro-level players who usually play in temperatures below 25 degrees, the Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow W (Winter) padel racket offers excellent power in the game without sacrificing control.

  • Shape: teardrop + diamond
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 340-375 gr
  • Balance: medium-high
  • Frame: carbon
  • Surface: 12K carbon fiber
  • Core: EVA
  • Finish: rough
  • Wrist strap
  • Player level: expert
  • The racket is equipped with a Summum Pro cover made with materials that protect it from UV rays. It is padded to prevent damage or blows, has waterproof zips, a mesh insert to promote air circulation, a pocket for small accessories and an adjustable shoulder strap
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New rough texture of the racquet surface specially designed to increase the effects of the ball.

It ensures greater fluidity to the passage of air in the racket through elongated holes placed between the frame and the core.

Mix of technologies applied to the racket:
- Longer handle which ensures the player more comfort and manageability and facilitates the grip for those who use both hands;
- Larger impact surface, 1 cm wider, to get much more control and responsiveness in the game.

Winter version (W) made with a particularly elastic foam core in the core, which gives the rackets very balanced control and power, and recommended at low temperatures or up to 25ºC.

New revolutionary frame, rigid and resistant, in the shape of a prism that ensures better handling and greater acceleration and speed of play.

Prisma Bumper
Bumper designed and produced through a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb shocks and rubbing. It is fixed to the racket frame through an adhesive material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the prism, and has a very low weight (7 gr).

The lanyard crosses the two sides of the handle to then exit from both sides and provide a safe and comfortable grip.

Difusor Wings
Technology inserted in the heart of the racket aerodynamically optimized with a 27% improvement in the passage of air compared to the previous one, which allows better control in the strokes.

7 Rhombus Carbon Fabric
Diamond shaped 12K carbon fiber surface that offers greater flexibility to the core.

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